Our Vision and Mission Is Intended to Fully and Wholeheartedly AlignWith the Mission/Vision of The Foundation of The Law of Time and It’s Progenitors (José Argüelles (Valum Votan)/Stephanie South (Red Queen))

Our Goal is To Embody The Following:

From 9 Year Vision Map by Stephanie South

All education is for the purpose of assisting others in raising their frequency and tapping into their inherent wisdom and cosmic memory.
New education is based on the fundamental principle that a natural timing frequency governs all of life on Earth. Since we are still in a transitional phase, the education should explain how humanity currently lives according to an artificial timing frequency out of phase with the natural cycles of the Earth, solar system, and galaxy.
13 Moon education and workshops should explain how deeply a calendar governs our lives. The seedbed of this new curriculum is contained in the vast literature available on our website www.lawoftime.org.
To understand the depth of this requires a clear mind. Therefore, the first step is always learning to calm the mind. Natural mind meditation is key. If our mind is full, it is impossible to reflect and allow new perceptions to enter.
New education should also consider the health of the whole human, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Integration is key. We are here to embody new energies, evolve our minds, and expand our love and compassion. Art and Imagination are also fundamental aspects of new education.
At present, we do not have an introductory information package that describes our activities, including a layperson’s description of the tools and calendar. This should be made relevant to the time we live and include tips for a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, care of the soil, knowledge of minerals and supplements, E.M.F. protection, etc.
We also need a whole system 13:20 Handbook that can be adapted to various audiences. This would take a group effort. Fundamental to the new education is the understanding of how timing frequencies affect our mental and physical health. Much teaching can be demonstrated by distinguishing between Artificial time (12:60) and Natural time (13:20).
Also, the new education should create a new working model of what it means to be human. The basic premise is that the human body is an alchemical chamber of
transmutation. Simply understood, we transmute negativity into positivity by adopting new perceptions.
We need a new model of the human body as a plasmic energy system that consists of a physical, genetic flesh and blood body at a deeper level. The body is like the internal generator system’s insulation, which is essentially fourth dimensional but has glandular outlets, etc. Much of the groundwork of this has been layed out in the seven-volume Cosmic History Chronicles.
New education should also focus on the cultivation of our holon (4D light body). This is key to these teachings, so that we may unlock the knowledge stored within our physical body.